Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Testimony and introduction to my thoughts on Christianity

I didn’t come to know Christ until two years ago when I was a senior in high school. I wouldn’t call my self an atheist, I believed God existed but I didn’t care. I found myself at church two times a year for Easter and Christmas when my grandma forced me. My biggest problem with going to church was feeling uncomfortable. I have always thought of myself as an awkward person. This feeling of awkwardness was always amplified when I walked into a church. Before my life with Christ I thought being a Christian was for perfect families and the middle class. I wanted to fit in essentially. I wanted to know what’s the deal with the ‘Christians’.
My father has always been in and out of my life, mostly out. One day he randomly showed up and someone my siblings and I ended up spending two weeks with him during the summer in Alabama. My dad doesn’t say much but the car was filled with talk. Talk that really bothered me. My dad proclaimed to be a Christian. He was going to let us kids know about the good news. He didn’t live like a Christian but he sure professed to be a Christian. Be honest and genuine is very important to me. I found myself next to a liar and hypocrite whom called himself a ‘Christian’.
Many years later, a classmate invited me to attend a church event. I wanted to meet new people and hang out with a new crowd. I wanted to fit in. I knew if I went a might end up with a new friend. I went it was fun except for the annoying devotional that interrupted dodge ball. I went to several more youth events with my new friend. Then the invites to church ensued. The youth group events that week had been fun and safe. I had always had a bad taste in my mouth about the church she went to. I didn’t belong. I had this image in my mind, big red letters spelling out the word, snob. I eventually got over it and agreed. I had never not agreed lack of backbone. I went a couple Sundays, getting more comfortable each time. I watched people get into worship that made me uncomfortable. A beautiful thing happened one Sunday; the praise team started playing this song, Sweetly Broken. Things just made sense all of the sudden. I knew I needed Christ right then. God played that song for me. I was baptized the following Sunday, Easter Sunday as it turned out. My journey with Christ is beautiful, challenging and never ending. I want to share my thoughts on Christianity for my thoughts are flooded with them. I am lacking a theological degree but I feel I am fit to share my journey with you.

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